One of Eorzea's finest musical and roleplay venues located on Goblin, The Blue Miqo'te is an upscale, Jazz-like establishment with an atmosphere one can relax in after a long and busy grind.

Sporting three levels of seating, two bars, stage and dance floor, there's room for all at the Blue Miqo'te Jazz Club & Tavern!

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Special Events
✪ Stay Tuned! ✪

✪ The original Blue Miqo'te can be found Here

Azure Flames Tavern
Mateus | Goblet | 5W | 13P - Wednesday, 8-10PM EST

Blossoming Tea Garden
Goblin | LB | 21W | 22P - Tuesday & Thursday, 6-9PM EST

The Chocolate Spriggan
Malboro | Goblet | 22W | 6P - Tuesday & Thursday, 9PM-12AM EST

Dark Crimson Tavern
Mateus | Shiro | 16W | 7P - Friday 10PM-1AM EST

Devil's Dwelling
Malboro | Goblet | 24W | 34P - Tuesday & Wednesday, 9PM-12AM EST

The Dragon's Hearth Tavern
Balmung | LB | 8W | 57P - Every other Sunday, 12P - 9PM-12AM EST

Escort - Bar & Lounge
Brynhildr | Goblet | 12W | 13P - Monday, 8-11PM EST

The Lotus Flame
Balmung | LB | 14W | 58P - Saturday, 8:30-11:30PM EST

Il Palazzo del Ghiaccio
Diabolos | LB | 12W | 6P - Opened during special events only

Stardust Lounge
Brynhildr | LB | 24W | 6P - Saturday, 8:30-11:30PM EST

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